Vytrus Biotech offers an exclusive technology platform, Plant Cell Biofactories�, which delivers advanced, unique, active ingredients depending on the process applied to the cultures of plant totipotent cells (also known as plant stem cells); Plasma Rich in Cell Factors� and Phyto-Peptidic Fractions�.

The resulting molecular synergy gives Vytrus a genuine point of difference over other biotech products. These next generation plant stem cell products are manufactured using eco-friendly, sustainable, green chemistry processes.

Vytrus Biotech offers actives from Carrot (for sensitive skin), Pomegranate (for skin brightening) Cotton (to protect against photo-ageing), Turmeric (for hair growth activation) and Centella (for anti-ageing).

Vytrus Biotech products offer both the new Natural and an authentic route to sustainability, supported by full claims substantiation and a great marketing concept.