The Hallstar company vision describes who and what Hallstar is: a company that uses technical expertise and knowledge to improve the customers� products and profitability. Hallstar is results-driven and passionate about customers and employees, ethical in business practices and experts in chosen markets.

Hallstar is well known for competency in ester chemistry, photostability science, functional naturals and more. Extensive market research, industry engagement and an agile research and development team captures timely market and consumer insights. Hallstar�s core capabilities, including the leading platform of functional naturals, help customers stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly changing Beauty & Personal Care marketplace.

Hallstar pioneered stability science, and these products lead the industry in ensuring that beauty and personal care products can stand up to the sun. Hallstar�s stabilisers provide safe, efficient and persistent stabilisation for a wide variety of personal care ingredients, from UV filters to skin care active ingredients.

Hallstar functional naturals combine natural origin with high-performance functionality � properties that consumers continue to demand. The benefits of these natural-based products are also supported through rigorous clinical and panel tests, ensuring claims substantiation.

Natural butters significantly reduce trans-epidermal water loss, increase skin elasticity, and increase skin moisturisation, with some contributing to outstanding aesthetics (lesser greasy/oily and sticky sensations) and better spreadability � often deciding factors in overall product preference.

Among the various chemistries used to create personal care ingredients, natural olive chemistry is a particularly effective option for achieving biocompatibility. The fatty acid distribution of olive oil is most similar to that of healthy skin sebum. Ingredients based on olive chemistry deliver superior biocompatibility to formulations, translating into enhanced clinical benefits and sensorial properties.