As your leading partner for polyurethane chemistry, Covestro knows that superior PU raw materials are the building blocks of exceptional coatings. Covestro’s invention power works for you – by improving your productivity, driving sustainability, ensuring reliability and co-creating future-proof businesses.

Covestro has more than 75 years of experience in polyurethane chemistry research and development. To put it in a nutshell: If you’re looking for high-performance PU coatings, you’re in the right place at Covestro

Baycusan® polymers are the ideal foundation for your ground-breaking sun care, skin care, hair care and colour cosmetics product lines. The Baycusan® product portfolio features liquid polymers (water and ethanol based) as well as a polyurea powder – all carefully developed for superior performance.

Polyurethanes meet many challenges of formulating high-performing cosmetic products due to their multi-functionality and sensory properties. Baycusan® film former products form a clear odourless film on skin and hair. The process enables the design of unique polymer structures with the following features:

  • Elasticity & flexibility

  • Outstanding water/high humidity resistance

  • Exceptional SPF boosting effect

  • Non-tacky, non-greasy