In the beginning of time, the landmass of the earth was united in one continental plate whose coasts were bathed by a warm sea. With the passage of millions of years the form of the land changed, the surface of the earth opened, huge blocks of land were displaced, sea beds emerged from the depths and the earth's land mass was divided into continents, oceans and seas.

The seas became rich in the elements that created the origins of life which evolved over time into thousands of species of animals and plants. COLORCLAY, S.L. have located and identified along the Mediterranean coast a series of extraordinarily coloured clays, rich in minerals and trace elements with a variety of applications in cosmetics.

The clays COLORCLAY � are a marvellous gift from our distant past with their origins full of life, light and colour. COLOR CLAY � presents natural colours giving a special attraction that evokes its origins along the warm coasts of the Mediterranean.