An independent, private company based in Berlin, Germany, CLR has a long tradition of manufacturing and internationally marketing cosmetic actives.

Founded in 1926, CLR has concentrated efforts on the manufacture of bioactive cosmetic ingredients from the early 1950's onwards and since then have marketed key innovative products. CLR�s strength lies in the research and development of new trends presented with an extensive proof of effectiveness and a comprehensive assistance in formulating personal care products. During a long history CLR has been able to establish a reputation that has resulted in numerous international business relations.

In co-operation with universities and research institutes, highly motivated creative minds develop new concepts reflecting the latest technological and scientific developments. The multitude of actives on the market poses CLR with the challenge of supplying customers with the means to distinguish themselves from mass-market cosmetics.

CLR's personnel is dedicated to excellent customer service which includes the expedient handling of individual requests regarding scientific and technical support as well as advice in logistical matters.